Respected Dignitaries management committee members, parents, staff and students It gives me immense gratification to present the annual house report of our school for the academic year 2015-16
“A journey of a billion miles starts with a single step” As a said
High performance meaning and joyful education that every child and parent’s wants I.A.T.V. Educational Academy has carved itself in creating intrinsic motivation and desire to excel by improving child’s confidence
House System
The school provides full opportunity to every child for his/her physical, intellectual emotional and spiritual development With this end in view The House System has been introduced and all activities are organized house wise in the school in accordance with the programme chalked out well in advance. The School follows House System for arranging different House wise Competition and better coordination of various school activities. The
students are grouped into four Houses:

1. Ajanta House
2. Nalanda House
3. Sanchi House
4. Takshshila House